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The sshg_promptfest 2014 Winter Reveal!

Dear SSHG Fen,

I hope that you enjoyed the 2014 winter run of the SSHG Prompt Fest as much as I did! I'd like to thank the fest's creators, everyone who supported the fest's creators, and the fest's watcher-commenters for keeping the SSHG ship sailing through another splendid fest; thank you ever so much, everyone!

Without further ado, here is the sshg_promptfest 2014 Winter Reveal!

sshg_promptfest 2014 Winter Reveal
Type: Title (Rating)
 1.  jenidralph  Art: Nights of Wandlore (G)  nickygabriel 
 2.  lemonade8  Art: Sultan Snape (PG-13)  teddyradiator 
 3.  tophoenix  Fic: Winter & Spring (PG)  meladara 
 4.  t3hg33k  Fic: Blessing In Disguise (NC-17)  zchristie394 
 5.  linlawless  Fic: That is the Question (PG-13)  jenidralph 
 6.  dragoon811  Fic: Out of Practice (PG-13)  savine_snape 
 7.  crmediagal  Fic: Sweet Prince (PG-13)  irishredlass 
 8.  blueartemis07  Fic: The Price of War (G)  of_anoesis 
 9.  kerravonsen  Art & Fic: Garland (G)  savine_snape 
 10.  droxy  Art: The Last Rose (PG-13)  irishredlass 
 11.  irishredlass  Fic: One Step at a Time (R)  caitriona_3 
 12.  snapefan520  Fic: Doubts (PG)  worrywart1966 
 13.  stronghermione1  Fic: There is Nothing Worse than a Wine Snob (G)  calmingshoggoth 
 14.  teddyradiator  Fic: The Witchhiker's Guide to Beltane (NC-17)  jenidralph 
 15.  jaxomsride  Fic: Instinct (NC-17)  sixpence_jones 
 16.  imhilien  Fic: The Matchmaking Castle (PG-13)  sixpence_jones 
 17.  orlando_switch  Art: Something old, something new... (G)  kerravonsen 
 18.  toblass  Art: Temptation, Desire & Bliss (PG)  morethansirius 
 19.  bardsdaughter1  Fic: Kneazle In Boots (PG)  droxy 
 20.  worrywart1966  Fic: What A House-Elf Knows (PG)  palathene 
 21.  carley9  Fic: No One Said Destiny Was Supposed To Be Easy (R)  kerravonsen 
 22.  neelix_2000  Fic: The Taming of the S.P.E.W. (NC-17)  jaxomsride 
 23.  shiv5468  Fic: Cuttlefish (G)  ks516 
 24.  celestialbeing1  Fic: Talk Dirty To Me (NC-17)  teddyradiator 
 25.  proulxes  Art: The Fencing Lesson (G)  blueartemis07 
 26.  apeacefulsleep  art: Intrigue (G)  zchristie394 
 27.  teaoli  Fic: Winsome Wizards and Happily Harrily Ever Afters (PG)  eoforyth 
 28.  rivertempest  Fic: Once You Are Real (PG)  kerravonsen 
 29.  cybrokat  Fic: Winds of Change (G)  caitriona_3 
 30.  thornedhuntress  Fic: Something Wicked (PG-13)  of_anoesis 
 31.  reynardo  Fic: The Ghost and Mrs Weasley (G)  blueartemis07 
 32.  tudorpot & camillo1978  Art: Gaia Potion (G)  cybrokat 
 33.  margi_lynn  Art: Over a Cauldron, Interlaced (G)  dickgloucester 
 34.  jadeandjuniper  Art: Caught in the Rain (G)  sixpence_jones 

If you weren't able to participate this last run, the next run is in July. I invite you to participate! Please see the sshg_promptfest's profile for more information. :D

All best,


Note to Creators: I clear the sshg_pf_mod's flist at the end of every run of the sshg_promptfest to prepare for its next run; please don't take it personally. The mod account's flist is always the list of current participants. :)

You are now free to reply to the comments your entries received as your fandom selves rather than anonymously (and don't forget, those of you with multi-part works, that you may have comments on your ToC pages as well as in your chapter pages). You're also free to post your works at your journals/archives.

*smooches all*
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