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FIC: The Other Side of Now (PG-13)

Title: The Other Side of Now
Type: Fic
Prompter: hiddenhibernian
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Prompt yourself for fic!
Note: My beta did a fantastic job as per usual, turning this around in no time at all. Any remaining mistakes are my own.
Summary: Hermione is plagued by love letters. Unfortunately, they're not for her. Even more unfortunate, Severus claims he has no idea who they are from or what's in them.

The Other Side of NowCollapse )

FIC: A Honeymoon in Paradise (PG-13)

Title: A Honeymoon in Paradise
Type: Fic
Prompter: rayvyn2k
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Implied sexual content, mild language.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: A tropical vacation. (Tahiti? Hawaii? Somewhere else?) What are they doing? Hiding in the shade? Swimming? Sunning themselves? Something else? You decide.
Note: Thanks to the wonderful mod for both hosting this fest and granting me an extension. I hope everyone enjoys this bit of fluff.
Summary: Severus surprises Hermione with their honeymoon destination.

A Honeymoon in ParadiseCollapse )
Title: Good Vibrations of a Guardian Angel
Type: Fic
Prompter: jaxomsride
Rating: R
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Mentions of a sex toy (although no actual sexual acts).
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Snape finds the Afterlife is not quite what he expects. It's not all harps and rainbows. Being made a Guardian Angel and responsible for the health and happiness of a certain Miss Know-It-All does nothing to improve his disposition. Against all the rules, he feels a definite attraction towards his charge.
Note: Thank you to sshg_pf_mod for putting this fest together!
Summary: Severus found it quite difficult to be dead; it was turning out to be a lot of work. Not only was he assigned as Hermione Granger's Guardian Angel, but he had to constantly trick her into going on dates with her 'soulmate.'

Good Vibrations of a Guardian AngelCollapse )

ART: Prophecy Revealed (G)

Title: Prophecy Revealed
Type: Art
Prompter: delphipsmith
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Stained glass. Interpret that any way you like.
Note: While searching for inspiration, I came across the perfect scene in delphipsmith's 2014 Prompt Fest offering, The Heart the Adder Gave Him. Digital art with vector linework and colored using images of stained glass sheets. If you'd like a BW version for coloring, let me know after the reveal.
Summary: A snake, a prince, a death. Snape's need to hear the rest led to an impromptu visit to the Hall of Prophecy with one Miss Granger as the key.

Prophecy RevealedCollapse )

FIC: Butterfly Transplanted (PG)

Title: Butterfly Transplanted
Type: Fic
Prompter: blueartemis07
Rating: PG
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Off-camera, minor characters' deaths; AU to the point that the books would've had to be renamed.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Usually in Time Turner fics, Hermione goes backward. What if a "prank" by the Marauders sent Severus forward, prior to the Mudblood incident. He won't be able to return.
Summary: How important is that butterfly and the flapping of its wings to the coming storm? Severus has been moved out of his time, and we are about to find out.

Butterfly TransplantedCollapse )

FIC: Witches Love Poetry (PG-13)

Title: Witches Love Poetry
Type: Fic
Prompter: The Scripps National Spelling Bee
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): For disturbingly bad assemblages of words purporting to be poetry.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Prompt yourself for fic!
Note: Thanks to my recording of the SNSB's preliminary rounds and some five-Galleon words, I was able to prompt myself into the fest in the 50 minutes before deadline. Caveat lector! Thank you, Mod, for allowing me a wee bit of post-deadline polishing time. Thank you, Husband, for your aural beta. Mwah!
Summary: Witches love poetry, but upon occasion, doggerel will do.

Witches Love PoetryCollapse )

FIC: Dancing through Life (PG-13)

Title: Dancing through Life
Type: Fic
Prompter: gracelessmary
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Mild British swearing!
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Both Hermione and Severus LOVE musicals but nobody else knows, they bump into each other in the theatre
Note: For the love of musical theatre — all recognisable features belong to either JKR or to the musical stated and their creators, and please listen to any of the soundtracks as they are all wonderful!
Summary: An unexpected hobby can have remarkable consequences.

Dancing through LifeCollapse )

FIC: Strange Bedfellows (PG-13)

Title: Strange Bedfellows
Type: Fic
Prompter: eoforyth
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): Some characters are a bit ooc.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Bundling: An old practice, allowing a courting couple to share a bed and get to know one another more privately, but without (much) physical intimacy. Sometimes, it was also a practice to accommodate guests when bed space was limited. How/where/why do Severus and Hermione come to find themselves in this situation? (SS/HG or SS & HG.)
Note: I'm so thrilled to have received this prompt from eoforyth for the 2018 LiveJournal sshg_promptfest; it was my first choice.
Summary: A journey into the woods for a cure means Hermione and Severus will have to make a decision that will affect their lives, but it also creates a revelation that brings love.

Strange BedfellowsCollapse )

ART: Close Quarters (G)

Title: Close Quarters
Type: Art
Prompter: aleysiasnape
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: Severus and Hermione brewing potions together.
Summary: Severus and Hermione are working closely to make a potion.

Close QuartersCollapse )

FIC: Nineteen Again (PG)

Title: Nineteen Again
Type: Fic
Prompter: blueartemis07
Rating: PG
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: The only way the healers could save Severus was to deage him. Suddenly, he's 19 again, newly marked, and doesn't remember anything after that. How does he integrate?
Summary: After Nagini's bite, Severus can't be saved unless he's restored to age nineteen. His past in between is now forgotten. Will he choose the light, or continue in the Dark?

Nineteen AgainCollapse )

The 2018 summer run of the sshg_promptfest begins tomorrow! This will be an intimate run of 18 fan works, and I'll post one work per day each morning. (I'll also attempt to be consistent about the posting time, but life is such that I can't promise to be exact.) I thoroughly enjoyed this year's entries as I prepared them for posting, and I believe that you'll all be as entertained as I was when you see them—if so, please let the creators know! No comment of appreciation is ever too short or even the slightest bit "late." :D

Creators, please remember not to reveal which entries are yours; the sshg_promptfest is anonymous until I post the reveal—and thank you for being so lovely to work with! *huge big hugs*

Members, you're in for 18 treats! *dances*

See you all tomorrow morning!

All best,




I've posted the first nine previews of the fest; please let me know if you need any changes by replying to the entries or emailing me. If you require changes, please list them in reply to the entry or the email rather than sending me a new file. Thank you!

The first deadline for extendees is 7 June, but you're welcome to submit your entries earlier if you finish them sooner than that.

Please email your questions to me at sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com.

All best,


Happy Deadline Day!


Good morning, sshg_promptfest Creators! Unless we've made other arrangements, your fan works are due by 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) tonight. Please review the fest's submission guidelines before submitting your entries, and don't hesitate to email me at sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [com] should you have any questions.

I'll soon be in touch with your previews, and your fan works will post in the order in which I receive them.

All best,



Quick note to participants

Work has been keeping me busy, but I should have time tomorrow to clear the fest's inbox. Good night!


Prompt claiming ends tonight (11:59 p.m. Eastern Time) at the sshg_promptfest! That said, I'll be asleep long before the official deadline, so if you're a tad bit late for it, I'll still accept your sign up with everyone else's tomorrow morning.

So far, two creators have submitted their entries, and I'll start working on their previews as soon as I close the prompt-claiming post. You'll remember from the rules, schedule, and submission guidelines that entries are posted in the order in which they are received, so there is an advantage to early submission. As well, please remember that fic entries should be submitted as text/plain text (.txt) files.

Questions? Email me at sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com. :D



The SSHG Prompt Fest
The SSHG Prompt Fest


The sshg_promptfest is an anonymous, prompt-based fest that explores the relationship between Severus Snape and Hermione Granger with a showcase of new, stand-alone fan works.

The SSHG Prompt Fest previously ran in July 2013, January 2014, July 2014, July 2015, July 2016, and July 2017.

Please direct your fest-related questions to sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com.

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