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sshg_promptfest prompt claiming is about to begin!

sshg_promptfest prompt claiming is about to begin! Before claiming prompts, please:

  • read the fest's rules, schedule, and submission guidelines, and direct any questions about them to sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com;

  • review the prompts carefully so that you only claim ones you can answer and have beta'd during the two-month production period (you may claim your own prompts, but you aren't guaranteed assignment of them as all prompts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis);

  • remember that art prompts should be answered with art, and fic prompts should be answered with fic;

  • and note that all entries must fit into one LiveJournal post.

Prompt claiming will take place in a members-only, screened post from 2 April-15 May. During the prompt-claiming period, I'll update the prompts list once a day to indicate which prompts remain available for claiming. I'll also ask you to submit a new prompt claim in the event that all your preferred prompts have been claimed. If you complete a fan work before 15 May, you are welcome to select a second prompt, but your deadline will remain 31 May.

Important Note: The sshg_promptfest is not a gift fest; it exists solely to inspire the creation of brief, stand-alone SS/HG and SS & HG fan works, ones that have been created for the fest and aren't part of existing works. If you see a prompt that inspires you, answer it however you see fit! By pleasing yourself, you'll most likely delight everyone else. That said, if someone prompts for a love story in space and you set your action in the desert and never go into orbit, you may well end up sharing your fan work in a context other than this fest. Honor your prompt, but create the work that you've been inspired to bring into being. *firm*

Oh, and I will be falling asleep almost immediately after posting the prompt-claiming post, so if you've questions, I'll answer them tomorrow.

Happy prompt-claiming! Happy creating! Happy sshg_promptfest!
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