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Prompt collection is ongoing at the sshg_promptfest (reminder and update)!

The sshg_promptfest exists to inspire creators to bring new, stand-alone fan works into the world in accordance with their own creative vision. When submitting prompts, therefore, please . . .

  • use the prompt-offering template provided in the prompt-collection post;

  • include two art prompts, two fic prompts, and one prompt that can serve as either an art or a fic prompt;

  • and keep your prompts brief and inspirational rather than long and instructive.

Creators will decide how explicitly sexual to be when crafting their fan works. Creators will also honor their prompters' themes as they develop them. This means that romantic (SS/HG, or het) prompts must focus on romance; platonic (SSHG, or gen) prompts must not involve a romantic or sexual focus; and should a prompt involve, say, a magical theme, the work it inspires will be set in the magical world rather than be presented as a non-magical AU.

In short, the prompter's role in the SSHG Prompt Fest is to inspire, and the creator's role is to create a fan work that honors its prompt without being slavish to it.

If you've any questions about the fest, please direct them to sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com.

Currently, 130 140 prompts have been submitted, and prompt-collection is ongoing through 30 March. :D
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