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Iulia Linnea

The sshg_promptfest 2020 Summer Reveal

Dear Creators, Members, and Followers of the sshg_promptfest,

Thank you for your generous contributions to the fest's exaugural run!

Creators, you are now free to post your works to your journals and archives for others to enjoy.

Without further ado, I present the SSHG Prompt Fest 2020 Summer Reveal!

sshg_promptfest 2020 Summer Reveal
Type: Title (Rating)
 1.  LunaP999  Art: A Hard Day's Night (G)  Anonymous 
 2.  LunaP999  Art: Strip (PG-13)  q_drew 
 3.  turtlewexlerfic  Fic: Not On Bended Knee (NC-17)  Anonymous 
 4.  celticreeder  Fic: Santa Paws (PG)  Anonymous 
 5.  [archiveofourown.org profile] Morbidmuch  Fic: A Presence Felt (R)  Anonymous 
 6.  LunaP999  Art: Honeymoon in Paradise (G)  q_drew 
 7.  [archiveofourown.org profile] MissELY  Fic: while all the while (NC-17)  q_drew 
 8.  celticreeder  Fic: All Fun & Games (PG)  Anonymous 
 9.  [archiveofourown.org profile] MollyWeisser11  Fic: Monday's Main Man (NC-17)  iulia_linnea 
 10.  dragoon811  Fic: Every Friday Night (PG-13)  Anonymous 
 11.  LunaP999  Art: Wedding in the Forbidden Forest (G)  Anonymous 
 12.  reynardo  Art: Books (G)  articcat621 
 13.  [archiveofourown.org profile] Morbidmuch  Fic: Severus Snape and the Sexy Deathtraps (NC-17)  gracelessmary 
 14.  LunaP999  Art: First Date (G)  Anonymous 
 15.  debjunk  Fic: The Mirror's Reflection (PG-13)  Anonymous 
 16.  [archiveofourown.org profile] Auryona  Fic: Strawberries (PG-13)  Anonymous 
 17.  prolurk  Fic: The Halston Gown (NC-17)  Anonymous 
 18.  celticreeder  Fic: Only Here for the Sex (PG)  Anonymous 
 19.  theimpossiblegl  Art: Identification, Please (G)  Anonymous 
 20.  mt_nestor  Fic: The Game Changer (PG)  Anonymous 
 21.  worrywart1966  Fic: A Tempting Conversation (NC-17)  iulia_linnea 
 22.  lemonade8  Art: Wyllt Cave of Myrddin (G)  Anonymous 
 23.  lemonade8  Art: Under Malfoy Manor (PG)  Anonymous 
 24.  lemonade8  Art: Hangover (PG-13)  Anonymous 
 25.  deianaera  Fic: A Sorta Fairytale (G)  q_drew 
 26.  blueartemis07  Fic: The Wishing Star (PG)  Anonymous 
 27.  [archiveofourown.org profile] MollyWeisser11  Fic: A Good Husband (NC-17)  LunaP999 
 28.  phoenix_fancies  Fic: Harry Potter and the Uncreative Set-Up (G)  deirdre_aithne 
 29.  ladyheliotrope  Fic: A Rose By Any Other Name (NC-17)  q_drew 
 30.  jaxomsride  Fic: Wishful Thinking (R)  Anonymous 
 31.  articcat621  Fic: Mastering Binds (NC-17)  deirdre_aithne 
 32.  rayvyn2k  Fic: License to Thrill (NC-17)  Anonymous 
 33.  gracelessmary  Fic: The Slow Way (PG)  delphipsmith 
 34.  hiddenhibernian  Fic: The Godfather (R)  hiddenhibernian 
 35.  consumedly  Fic: Viva la Maternité (R)  Anonymous 
 36.  brenamarie  Fic: To Be Vulnerable Is Divine (NC-17)  rayvyn2k 
 37.  teshara  Fic: Into the Future! (PG)  Anonymous 
 38.  too_dle_oo  Art: Severus Snail and Hermit Crab Granger (G)  Anonymous 
 39.  geeklove_fan  Fic: Skeletons (PG-13)  gracelessmary 
 40.  iulia_linnea  Fic: Time to Rise (R)  iulia_linnea 
 41.  q_drew  Fic: The Feast of Many Courses (NC-17)  Anonymous 
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