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Iulia Linnea

The sshg_promptfest 2013 Summer Reveal!

Dear SSHG Fen,

Charlotte (Helper Mod) and I hope that you enjoyed the inaugural run of the sshg_promptfest, and we'd like to thank you, creators, for your outstanding efforts to entertain the SSHG side of fandom; you've done yourselves proud! (You may now reply to the comments you received and post your fan works in your journals/archives.) Charlotte, who has no fandom presence but adores SS/HG enough to have learned to mod on the fly, deserves everyone's thanks for keeping the fest going when urgent familial responsibilities took me away from it. Thank you, Charlotte! I'll miss you next run. *hugs*

Yes, that's right: there will be a next run! In light of the sshg_exchange mods' confirmed retirement, I've decided to run the SSHG Prompt Fest biannually in July and January. We'll never see the Exchange's like again, but that doesn't mean we can't indulge our SSHG-related desires by providing each other with inspiration—especially when we do it so well! On that note, if you were unable to meet this run's deadline, I invite you to try to meet the next run's. Ban list? What ban list? Prompt Festing means never having to worry about bannination!

Excited? Yay! Please see the sshg_promptfest's revised profile for more information. :)

Without further ado, here is the sshg_promptfest 2013 Summer Reveal!

sshg_promptfest 2013 Summer Reveal
Type: Title (Rating)
 1.  savvyshka  Art: The Jazz Age (G)  claire_deverte 
 2.  linlawless  Fic: First Friday in April (PG)  pigwidgeon37 
 3.  proulxes  Art: Under New Management (G)  kerravonsen 
 4.  blueartemis07  Fic: A Familiar Adventure (PG)  palathene 
 5.  jenidralph  Art & Fic: Love, Levity and Libel (PG)  delphipsmith 
 6.  crmediagal  Fic: A Series of Fortunate Events (PG-13)  morethansirius 
 7.  kerravonsen  Art & Fic: The Gift (G)  reynardo 
 8.  leontinabowie  Fic: Edelweiss (PG)  crmediagal 
 9.  tophoenix  Fic: Matching Cores (PG)  droxy 
 10.  bardsdaughter1  Fic: The Sweetest Moment (PG)  margi_lynn 
 11.  sixpence_jones  Art: A Gift (G)  cybrokat 
 12.  teddyradiator  Fic: Every Day is Saturday (R)  of_anoesis 
 13.  carley9  Fic: Of Fearless hope and Grace (PG)  meladara 
 14.  stgulik  Fic: Hyperbole (PG)  tophoenix 
 15.  cruelcreeper  Art: The Misadventures of Romulus (PG)  apollinav 
 16.  palathene  Fic: Take Two (PG-13)  snapefan520 
 17.  droxy  Art: Shifting to High Gear (G)  proulxes 
 18.  debjunk  Fic: Marauder's Mapquest (PG)  rayvyn2k 
 19.  pinksonia  Art: Purr-fectly Content (G)  jaxomsride 
 20.  pigwidgeon37  Fic: Angels on a Rampage, or A Rose on Any Other Bum (R)  dickgloucester 
 21.  margi_lynn  Art: Akhenaten and Nefertiti in the procession for the festival of Aten (G)  dickgloucester 
 22.  snapefan520  Fic: How Hard Could It Be? (R)  jaxomsride 
 23.  alienor77310  Art: Back to Basics (PG)  teaoli 
 24.  tychesong  Fic: Getting Past Broken (NC-17)  shiv5468 
 25.  delphipsmith  Fic: Poetic License (G)  drinkingcocoa 
 26.  reynardo  Fic: The Photograph (G)  sixpence_jones 
 27.  dickgloucester  Art: Dame de Coeurs, Valet de Piques (G)  nocturnus33 
 28.  of_anoesis  Fic: Falling (PG-13)  teddyradiator 
 29.  dreamy_dragon73  Fic: Coincidences? (PG-13)  morethansirius 
 30.  meladara  Fic: Caru Rhwymydd (PG)  sixpence_jones 
 31.  ks516  Fic: The Unexpected Patient (G)  pigwidgeon37 
 32.  laralee88  Fic: Resonare Mortis (R)  magritte_o 
 33.  apollinav  Fic: For Your Consideration (PG)  nathalieweasley 
 34.  rayvyn2k  Fic: We'll Always Have Hogwarts (PG)  of_anoesis 
 35.  buried_sun  Art: Through the Shelves (G)  dickgloucester 
 36.  celisnebula  Fic: Twisted Revenge (NC-17)  reynardo 
 37.  cybrokat  Fic: Fairy GodHermione (NC-17)  linlawless 

See you in September!

All best,


P.S. Now that the summer run of the fest has concluded, I've cleared the sshg_pf_mod's flist in preparation of the fest's winter run. This is solely a matter of fest maintenance and will occur at the end of every run. :)
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