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SSHG Prompt Fest Mod

Prompt collection begins at midnight! (ETA: Prompt collection will begin later this morning.)

ETA: LiveJournal isn't currently allowing prompt screening, so I'll re-post the prompt-collection post later this morning once LJ gets over the glitch—or I'll post new instructions as to how to submit your prompt sets. *kicks LJ; turns into pumpkin*

ETA II: If the prompt-screening glitch doesn't resolve itself in a timely manner, I'd like to know how you'd like to submit prompt sets, members. With that in mind, I've posted a poll. Please take it soon! I'd like prompts to begin coming in later today. Thank you. :)


The SSHG Prompt Fest will begin accepting prompts at midnight! (Have you read the fest's rules, schedule, and submission guidelines, yet?) Please remember that you must be a member-watcher of the community in order to see the prompt-collection post. Any questions about the sshg_promptfest may be directed to sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com.

SSHG Prompt Fest
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