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SSHG Prompt Fest Mod

Prompt claiming is about to begin!

*kicks technical difficulties*

Thank you for your patience, and stand by: Prompt claiming is about to begin! The prompt-claiming post will be open to member-watchers only, so you will not be able to see it unless you join and watch the community. (Don't worry, watchers; all fan work will be posted publicly once the fest begins.)

Rule Change: Because LJ won't allow me to screen comments, you won't actually be claiming prompts in response to the prompt-claiming post; instead, the post will contain instructions as to how you're to claim prompts. The process is straightforward, but please don't hesitate to contact me at sshg.promptfest [at] gmail [dot] com should you have any questions about it.

The prompt-claiming post will also contain the list of available prompts. Through the end of the prompt-claiming period, I'll update the list at least once a day to indicate which prompts have been taken.

All righty, then! Let's get down to business! :D
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