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Iulia Linnea

The sshg_promptfest 2014 Summer Reveal!

Dear SSHG Fen,

I hope that you enjoyed the 2014 summer run of the SSHG Prompt Fest! Thank you, everyone involved, for keeping the SSHG ship sailing through another splendid fest. *smooches*

Creators, you are now free to post your works to your journals and archives and to reply as your fandom selves to the comments that you received.

Without further ado, I present the sshg_promptfest 2014 Summer Reveal!

sshg_promptfest 2014 Summer Reveal
Type: Title (Rating)
 1.  palathene  Fic: The Rose of Carterhaugh (PG)  kerravonsen 
 2.  lemonade8  Art: Sevnunnos (G)  teddyradiator 
 3.  kerravonsen  Art: The Alchemy of Friendship (G)  kerravonsen 
 4.  starduchess  Fic: His Sacrificed Soul (PG-13)  teddyradiator 
 5.  tophoenix  Fic: The Wind Is Blowing (PG)  carley9 
 6.  crmediagal  Fic: Stuck On You (PG)  jaxomsride 
 7.  worrywart1966  Fic: The Element Of Water (PG-13)  dragoon811 
 8.  articcat621  Fic: A Day at the Zoo (PG)  toblass 
 9.  savvyshka  Art: Some Like It Noir (PG-13)  mundungus42 
 10.  toblass  Art: Kama (PG)  toblass 
 11.  dragoon811  Fic: A Tangled Tale (PG-13)  iqeret 
 12.  carley9  Fic: The Things That We Could Be (PG)  ureynowen 
 13.  mt_nestor  Fic: Gardiner and Shipe (PG-13)  iqeret 
 14.  reynardo  Fic: Forgetting (PG)  asentiax 
 15.  teddyradiator  Fic: Burn Down The Mission (NC-17)  tophoenix 
 16.  jaxomsride  Fic: The Perfect Mate (PG-13)  aleysiasnape 
 17.  lemonade8  Art: Charitable Donation (PG-13)  llorolalluvia 
 18.  margi_lynn  Art: What Lovely Pants (PG)  reynardo 
 19.  stgulik  Fic: The Angel Investor (PG)  dreamy_dragon73 
 20.  debjunk  Fic: Contract Renewal (PG)  worrywart1966 
 21.  rayvyn2k  Fic: Malfoy's Guide to Romantic Holidays (PG)  dreamy_dragon73 
 22.  shiv5468  Fic: The Luck of the Draw (PG-13)  stgulik 
 23.  msavi  Fic: Truth or Consequences (PG-13)  tophoenix 
 24.  celestialbeing1  Fic: Live Like a Muggle (NC-17)  palathene 
 25.  droxy  Art: Incident at Malfoy Manor (PG-13)  delphipsmith 
 26.  araeofsomething  Art: Gnomeapalooza! (G)  iulia_linnea 
 27.  thornedhuntress  Fic: A Vertical Expression (PG-13)  dragoon811 
 28.  cybrokat  Fic: The Dark Mark (G)  araeofsomething 
 29.  iqeret  Fic: The Crafty Case of the Corpses that Weren't Corpses (PG-13)  hopelesliehermn 
 30.  mundungus42  Fic: Infinite Design: Truth and Mendacity (PG-13)  rayvyn2k 
 31.  delphipsmith  Fic: The Heart the Adder Gave Him (PG)  palathene 
 32.  sandlappershell  Fic: The Binding (PG)  msavi 
 33.  akatnamedeaster  Art: Submitted for Your Approval (G)  thornedhuntress 
 34.  toblass  Art: Strawberry Kiss (PG)  hopelesliehermn 

Interest permitting, the sshg_promptfest will next run in July 2015. :D

All best,


P.S. In other exciting news, amorette has started the sshg_giftfest, an anonymous gift exchange that will take place in the holiday season, featuring the pairing Severus Snape/Hermione Granger! Interested in our newest affiliate? Go forth and read more about the SSHG Gift Fest!
Tags: *affiliation, *fest promotion, *mod post, 2014 summer reveal

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