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POEM: The Woods (PG)

Title: The Woods
Type: Poem
Prompter: leontinabowie
Creator: dragoon811
Beta(s): adelaidearcher
Rating: PG
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): some sex, canonical character death.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: AU of DH where Ron can't find his way back. After almost drowning in the lake, Harry only survives when he is trapped by the locket in a trance-like state. Hermione cries out for help, and Severus answers.
Note: Thank you to my cheerleaders, you guys are rad! Enjoy the fic! :)
Summary: Hermione and Harry are alone in the woods, but when he goes to retrieve the sword Ron doesn't show. How can the tale move forward?

The woods are quiet, the woods are cold
As cold as his bitter heart lingering
On the fear of failure that guides his path
As snow crunches under foot

The woods are dark, the woods are lonely
Harry withdrawn and Ron missing
Fear and loneliness she pushes away
Clinging to hope

The woods are friendless, the woods are deep
The sword beneath the ice now sinking
Severus makes his way back to the tent
And the children hiding therein

Harry takes his shift without many words
Hermione leaves backwards glancing
For can her friend fight the locket
Strung so horribly around his neck?

The tent is quiet, the tent is dark
She lies in her bunk with her fingers questing
Logic dictates to fight the sadness
A release of hormones

The boy is silent, the boy is watchful
Never does he check the warding
Severus envies him his faithful friend

And the protections she has woven

The tent is silent, the tent is lonely
As she comes softly keening
A name she knows she cannot have
A secret she will not reveal

The boy waits, the boy stares
Until Severus is whispering
The silver doe is now at his feet
And Potter follows her onwards

The tent is still, the tent is warm
But no Harry is she hearing
Hermione seeks him out
And sees only footsteps

Severus waits, Severus watches
With panic his heart is beating
For bubbles rise and Potter not appears

He dives into the water after him

Hermione follows, Hermione fears
A small pool is she nearing
Harry lies upon the snow as
A familiar man crouched beside him

The air goes in, the air goes out
Heartbeat but not breathing
Severus breathes for him
Rhythm on his chest

The air goes in, the air goes out
On his own is Harry breathing
A twig snaps behind him
And Severus leaps to his feet

Hermione cries out, Hermione rushes forward
But Severus is fleeing
Her words, her pleas for aid
Stop him in his tracks

He cannot resist, he cannot say no
And finds himself returning
To the side of his friend's son
And the student he admires

She cannot believe, she cannot be right
But on their side he is remaining
True to the light and their secret spy
The man whom she admires

Harry is silent, Harry is still

Save for his chest with each rise and falling
He breathes and lives
And yet he does not wake

Hermione holds his hand, Severus tries his spells
But his eyes are open yet unseeing
A trance they do suppose
And measures must be taken

They dress him, they bathe him
Keep him fed with blankets warming
To the school Severus must return to their side
Bringing tomes for her to peruse

The halls echo, the halls are lonely
And he finds himself longing
To return to that sheltered tent
Away from his hated role

Books old, books new
Each volume he is taking
Filled with knowledge dark and light
To provide them with their answers

His arm burns, his arm aches
To the floor the books are falling
Severus answers the call as he must
And finds himself at the Manor

He enters, he greets his master
At bare feet he is kneeling
And a boy is brought in
Caught by Snatchers

The boy is bruised, the boy is beaten
But it is Ronald Weasley he is seeing
Only Occlumency helps
To keep his surprise in check

He is ordered, he obeys
It is Legilimency he is employing
He seeks first if the Dark Lord
Has already sought this knowledge

He is relieved, he is glad
When he sees the truth the boy is keeping
Small comfort is the only thing he can give him
Withdrawing from his mind

Severus talks, Severus grimaces
So smoothly is he speaking
That his lies are gladly taken
As the truth

The Dark Lord is angry, the Dark Lord is displeased
'Avada Kedavra' is he speaking
As Severus looks on without emotion
And Draco looks onward stricken

He is ordered, he obeys
And the Manor is he leaving
Not to Hogwarts as directed
But to the witch he left alone

Hermione waits, Hermione hopes
When a crack she is hearing
She darts outside the tent
To see him fall to his knees

Severus retches, Severus gasps
This double life he is hating
The deaths he cannot abide
The guilt upon his shoulders worse

Someone lays a hand upon his arm, helps him to his feet
His eyes are wild and still unseeing
Beyond the horrors of that night
Of the boy whose death he brought

He apologises, he tells his tale
Of how a lie is killing
Of how 'the witch erased his memories'
Brought the Dark Lord to murder

Hermione gasps, Hermione cries
But it is upon his shoulder she is leaning
She does not blame him for his part
He offers her some comfort

The tent is dark, the woods are quiet
And when she ceases weeping
She tells him it is not his fault
That Ron was true and must have understood

Now he cries, now he feels
In his breast his heart is aching
An onslaught of pain he did not know
Resided in him released

They are quiet, they are calm
Two hearts are healing
When dawn comes he leaves
And returns at dusk with books

She researches, he returns to school
With tension both are simmering
He strives to keep the students in check
To keep the little idiots safe

She reads his books, he returns to her
No answers she is finding
He aids her in the quiet of the night
Awkwardly seated beside her on her bunk

Harry is quiet, Harry lies still
Aware of what is happening
He listens to his friend and professor
Strive to find the solution to his state

Hermione glances, Severus blushes
At the feelings they're engendering
Dangerous emotions in a time of war
But neither can turn back

They embrace, they kiss
Their limbs entangling
They find themselves in bed

Entwined and naked

She wakes, he is gone
Hermione hopes he is not fleeing
But Severus feels shame
For how can he have done that with his student

She waits, he returns
His cheeks flushed and heating
He does not speak of their night
But instead hands her more books

They read, they research
But no answers are forthcoming
The locket is stuck fast to Harry's chest
And he does not wake

Time passes, time moves on
And their feelings are not fleeting
Severus and Hermione draw closer
And can no longer deny their love

Nights kept warm, nights kept alive
To each other naked they are clinging
Severus cannot deny his shameful lust
And Hermione cannot let him go

The tent is warm, the tent is quiet
A haven of their making
Filled with love and hope and books
Despite questions asked without reply

Harry sleeps, Harry lies still
Heartbeat steady as his breathing
He wonders when he will wake
For every day the thought of victory seems further away

With no answer, with no hope
Harry's banner they are raising
They trace the path of Ravenclaw
And plan to get the Cup

Severus plots, Severus waits
To Gringotts he is going

Under false pretenses
He enters the vault of the LeStranges

One destroyed, many to go
Yet one secret is he keeping
The sword remains in the tent
Beside the boy who lived to die

Hermione sleeps, Severus lies beside her
His heart forever in her keeping
He could not leave her now
He would jeopardise the war for her

Harry waits, Harry stares without sight
He knows what is happening
Between the two in the tent with him
He is starting to understand why as well

Hermione frets, Hermione worries
For a secret she is keeping
But how to tell her lover
When so much rests upon his shoulders

Severus reads, Severus researches
Into Darker tomes he is delving
Into sacrifice and soul magic
He hopes to find a solution

He talks, she cries
As his past he is revealing
The truth of his past love

And of Harry's scar

Hermione waits, Severus returns
A strange book he is clasping
With a grimace he shows her
The only possible way to wake her friend

Harry is lifted, Harry is Apparated
To Hogwarts they are going
He feels the air as he is flown
To the Headmaster's tower

Hermione waits, Hermione shivers
The spring air is cooling
But what they need lies in Hogwarts walls
And in Severus's private chambers

He holds her close, he holds her tight
Through the air she is flying
Safely wrapped in wool-clad arms
As he powers them through the sky

They gather, they prepare
And start the potion brewing
But blood it requires and magic spent
And she joins him at the knife

His blood, her blood
In the brew intermingling
They shared the burden of the magic

As it bubbled she confessed her secret

Severus sat, Hermione waited
The news he was processing
His head lifted and he looked at her
His heart in his eyes

He wept, she wept
As he caressed the life they were creating
And through it all
Harry waited

The potion brewed, the potion cooled

When finished they incanting
Poured it upon the Horcrux
Which shrieked and cracked and perished

Harry blinked, Harry woke
And saw his best friend crying
Hermione hugged him in relief
And he returned the embrace

They talked, they listened
Of the information they had been finding
Ring and locket and cup and diary were gone

Snake away and Ravenclaw missing

They planned, they plotted
Then through the halls they were going
Three times they paced as Severus hid
The room opened to reveal Neville

Harry entered, Hermione followed
Until Draco Malfoy he was seeing
He lunged at the blond
A cry of pain and loss upon his lips

They tussled, the others cried out
For Ron's death he was blaming
The Malfoy heir
Who cried and fought to be heard

Neville cursed, Hermione shrieked
Apart the two boys they were dragging
And revealed to Harry Malfoy's change of heart
And how he had joined their resistance and cause

Harry accepted, Malfoy shrugged
What Harry sought he was explaining

Luna knew what he should seek
But it was Draco who knew where to look

They left, they paced
Into the room Harry and Draco were going
Past treasures and items of students past
To the cabinet and the bust wearing a wig

The diadem glimmered, the diadem waited
Together the sword they were swinging
It perished with a scream and spewing of blackness

Draco grabbed his arm in pain

Harry emerged, Draco followed
To find Ginny crying
Finally told of her brother's sacrifice
But the two had more bad news

Voldemort had known, Voldemort was on his way
To Hogwarts with an army was he coming
There was no time for tears
The Order must be rallied

Coins used, Patronuses sent
The others heeded the calling
Hermione hotly defended Severus
Who gave himself no excuses or defense

Plans laid, plans made
Preparations underway and waiting
McGonagall and the rest took the Carrows down
And the castle was brought to arms

Hermione clung, Severus embraced
In the quiet moment they were stealing
She whispered that she loved him
He vowed he would fight by her side

No one sees, and no one hears
The two lovers in their meeting
They rejoin the rest determined
To end the Dark Lord's reign

He's here, he's here
The Dark Lord is approaching

Too soon the battle is engaged
With forces on either side arranged

They wait, they wait
And then the wards are falling
With a cry the fight is started
And Neville leads the charge

Harry seeks, Draco seeks
For Nagini they are looking
The snake is found within a cage
Floating above the Dark Lord's head

Hermione jinxes, Severus hexes
Back to back they are fighting
Taking down the Death Eaters
Who once believed him their ally

Remus fights, Tonks fights
A way for Harry they are clearing
Fred falls beneath a curse
And George avenges him heart-broken

The Sorting Hat, the second choice
And the Sword is Neville swinging
He slices through Nagini's cage
And she falls down lifeless

Spells called, rocks shattered
And Molly Weasley is shouting

'Not my daughter you bitch'

And Bellatrix cackles no more

Wands flash, spellfire abounds
And someone is screaming
A curse jet-black and he takes it for his love
Is it her crying out as his eyes close

She screams, she snarls
Before her foes are falling
Hermione plants herself above Severus

His form still and unmoving

She fights, she fights
To move she is unwilling

She will defend her fallen love
Until a curse strikes her from behind

Lioness down, lioness defeated

For Severus she is reaching

The blood pools under her and
She grasps his hand as she knows no more

Darkness, sadness
He hears people crying
Severus awakens to the Hospital Wing packed
With witches and wizards and bodies

He struggles, they hold him down
Due to pain he is subsiding
His fervent questions go unanswered

As to where Hermione has gone

They don't understand, they have no answers
Out of bed he is sneaking
Clinging to walls he searches the castle
Pain coiling along his spine

He falters, he sags
For his love Severus is not finding
Until the library doors swing open
And she drops her load with a cry

She runs to him, she embraces him
With relief she is crying
Hermione admits she was returning her old books
And bringing more to read to him as he slept

They walk, they talk
And her news is most surprising
Hermione cleared his name
And their child is growing well and healthy

They sit, they speak

She tells him of Harry surviving

Of the Dark Lord's fall and final end

And the Wizarding World's gratefulness to Severus

The mark is gone, the mark is gone

No more than silver scarring
He brushes it in disbelief
Hermione kisses it in reverence

He was hurt, she was hurt
But wounds are swiftly healing

He kisses her scars when she wakes at night

And she holds him close in the early hours

The tent is there, the tent remains

And two cracks of Apparating
To avoid the press they have escaped

To the place where they found love

They talk, they talk
Of the future they are planning
No more Dark Lords and

No more Masters

He cooks, she makes tea
And their fingers are entwining
During long walks through the trees
Or as they caress her belly

The woods are quiet, the woods are warm
All the birds are sleeping
As fire crackles near a tent

That once hid them from the darkness

The air is fragrant, the grass is soft
Their return to the world is coming
For the owl's letter let them know
That the furor had died down

The woods are dark, the woods are cool
And two inside are softly sleeping
Making this tent their private escape
And a tribute to how their love began

The tent is quiet, the tent is dark
Save for even breathing
One more night in their solitude
In their safe haven

Hermione kisses him, Severus kisses her
With relief they are embracing
For everything is won and packed
And they can move forward at last

Her bag is filled, she takes his hand
Away are they Apparating
To the world waiting beyond the woods

And the future they want to create

The woods are quiet, the woods are quiet.
Tags: 2016 summer fanwork, poem
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