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ART & FIC: The Gift (G)

Title: The Gift
Type: Art & Fic
Prompter: reynardo
Creator: kerravonsen
Beta(s): dawnmist
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None.
(Highlight to View) Prompt: He and she had an amulet made for the protection of their firstborn, a daughter. What does it look like?
Note: This piece of art has a bonus ficlet to go with it.
Summary: Severus and Hermione wanted to give their daughter a gift.

"What is that?"

Severus looked up, pausing in his perusal of the magical catalogue. "The best protection that money can buy." He continued ticking boxes on the page. With every tick, the image on the page changed.

"It's hideous!" Hermione exclaimed. "You are not giving that to our daughter." The necklace on the page was a mish-mash of different coloured stones and silver charms with different shapes. As she watched, Severus ticked another box, and a set of six-pointed stars squeezed themselves into the array.

"I am not going to stint on this gift," Severus returned.

"She won't wear it," Hermione said. "It's too... long." She realized that Severus wouldn't care if the object was as ugly as sin, if it meant that his daughter was protected. But protective amulets needed to be worn if they were to be any use, and there was no way that Helena would wear something that ugly.

"She can wind it around her neck one or two times," Severus said.

"Three or four, more like," Hermione muttered. With a quiet Accio, a different catalogue flew into her hands. She sat down next to Severus and opened it at the page she wanted. "This was more what I had in mind."

Severus frowned at the non-moving pictures. "This is a Muggle catalogue."

"Yes," Hermione said. "I would much rather do the charms myself. You know that mother's magic is the strongest protection of all."

"True," he conceded. He frowned at the picture, a silver chain with a simple cross. "She is not wearing that object."

"What's the matter with it?" Hermione asked.

"My dear, I have no objection to your Muggle religion as such, but others..."

"I'm not afraid!"

"Yes, but do you want to put Helena under that kind of pressure?"

"Ah... perhaps not," Hermione said.

After three hours of haggling, they threw away the catalogues, because nothing ready-made satisfied both of them. So they decided to compromise: find a Muggle jewellery designer to design the necklace for them, and both of them would add the protective charms to it.

The Gift

The Design

There are twelve "floating" units in the necklace. The number twelve signifies the whole of the universe, as it is made up of three times four, and three signifies the heavens, and four signifies the Earth. The links are brass with "Antique Copper" plating, ID=16mm, WD=2mm, AR=8. Inside each link is a 10mm round bead, attached by an eye-pin or wrapped wire to the link. The beads are all made of semi-precious stone, and all are associated with protection, to a greater or lesser degree.

1. Haematite
2. Rutilated Quartz
3. Lapis Lazuli
4. Hawk's Eye
5. Labradorite
6. Moss Agate
7. Green-Spot Jasper
8. Malachite
9. Blue-Spot Jasper
10. Grey Agate
11. Moonstone
12. Quartz Crystal

The sections in between the floating units are Japanese Bullseye chain (Brass "Antique Copper" ID=9.2mm, WD=1.4mm, AR=6.57; Brass "Antique Copper" ID=7.6mm, WD=1.2mm, AR=6.33; Copper ID=4mm, WD=0.8mm, AR=5; Steel gold-plated ID=4mm, WD=1mm, AR=4). The choice of Japanese Bullseye was because it's mad-crazy with circles, circles, circles, and circles are symbols of protection.

Likewise, the necklace itself has no clasp, making it an unbroken circle.
Tags: 2013 summer fanwork, art, fic
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