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The sshg_promptfest 2016 Summer Reveal & Gratitude Post!

Dear sshg_promptfest Members & Watchers,

I hope that you enjoyed the 2016 summer run of the SSHG Prompt Fest, and I want to thank everyone involved for keeping the SSHG ship afloat on LJ waters through another splendid fest! Particularly at a time when the draw of other fan-friendly platforms is strong, it was good to see so many people new to LJ participate. I include Posting Mod in this, as it was she who kept our entries posting when I could not. *clings gratefully to Posting Mod* Now, I'm not going to break the hit counts for our works down into specifics, but I will tell you that they were quite gratifyingly high. Perhaps next run, dear lurkers, you'll feel more comfortable engaging with us; you're more than welcome to do so! From the shortest note of thanks to the longest squee, there's nothing better, as a creator, than knowing one's work is appreciated. *'s commenters, reccers, and reviewers*

As well, I give tremendous thanks to you, prompters, for inspiring us to bring new SSHG-themed fan works into the world: Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, adelaidearcher, banglabou, bonsaibetz, droxy (via my self-prompt), hiddenhibernian (via self-prompt), jadeandjuniper, lenaa1987, mywitch, palathene, stronghermione1, themightyflynn, too_dle_oo, and willibald (via self-prompt) each inspired one work; articcat621, delphipsmith, dragoon811, hikorichan, leontinabowie, and ms_anthrop each inspired two works; and toblass inspired three works, one via self-prompt. We couldn't have done it without you, prompters!

Creators, we did it! With the help of our support teams—alpha and beta readers, cheerleaders, formatters—we were able to enrich the SSHG fandom with 31 new fan works! Congratulations and kudos, everyone; our efforts and energy resulted in the happy entertainment of many, and we should all be proud of ourselves! Several of you, I know, had personal challenges to manage in order to participate, and I'm so glad that you were able to do so; the fest wouldn't have been nearly as successful as it was without your participation. *smooches* (For myself, I'm just glad I finally met a deadline and didn't have to kick myself out of my own fest for once!) *\o/*

Now that the reveal is up, we're free to post our fest entries to our journals and archives, and to reply as our fandom selves to the comments that we received (unless *coughs* that's not necessary because one employed a comment-answering sock account to pseudonymously answer one's comments during the fest *coughs*). Next year, trolls permitting, it's my hope that I won't have to disable anonymous commenting in the community.

One last thing: As soon as life permits, I'm going to post about just how to encourage the answering of our previous runs' unanswered prompts. We might accomplish this in the form of one long, open-ended claims post of unanswered prompts, or through a fest featuring nothing but the unanswered prompts of SSHG Prompt Fests past—or perhaps in a manner that one of you will suggest in comments. I'd very much like to see the well of inspiration that is our surfeit of unanswered prompts promoted so that creators might take inspiration from it and share their resultant fan works here with other like-minded fen. That is the point of the sshg_promptfest, after all!

Without further ado, I present the sshg_promptfest 2016 Summer Reveal!

sshg_promptfest 2016 Summer Reveal
Type: Title (Rating)
 1.  mstngkmmy  Art: Being Blunt (G)  jadeandjuniper 
 2.  iulia_linnea  Fic: Blood (PG)  droxy 
 3.  crmediagal  Fic: The Sound of Magic (PG-13)  toblass 
 4.  dragoon811  Poem: The Woods (PG)  leontinabowie 
 5.  debjunk  Fic: The Light Mark (PG-13)  mywitch 
 6.  mak5258  Fic: No more prophecies (G)  Anonymous 
 7.  jaxomsride  Fic: Dhus and discoveries (R)  dragoon811 
 8.  hikorichan  Art: The Princess of Gryffindor Bride (G)  delphipsmith 
 9.  hiddenhibernian  Fic: Teacher, Death Eater, Soldier, Spy (PG-13)  hiddenhibernian 
 10.  worrywart1966  Fic: Swept Away In Love (NC-17)  palathene 
 11.  geminisister  Fic: A Worthwhile Potion (PG)  articcat621 
 12.  bonsaibetz  Fic: Seeds (NC-17)  leontinabowie 
 13.  theimpossiblegl  Fic: The Request (NC-17)  hikorichan 
 14.  adelaidearcher  Fic: Changing Rooms (NC-17)  ms_anthrop 
 15.  mywitch  Art: War Heroes Today! (G)  Anonymous 
 16.  starduchess  Fic: For the Love of a Good Book (PG)  delphipsmith 
 17.  sarablade  Fic: The Ebb And Tide Of Magic (R)  bonsaibetz 
 18.  banglabou  Fic: The Sky At Twilight (PG-13)  lenaa1987 
 19.  melodylepetit  Fic: A Glimmer (G)  articcat621 
 20.  helenarickman  Fic: The Things One Does for Digestives (NC-17)  toblass 
 21.  articcat621  Fic: The Daily Gossip (PG-13)  stronghermione1 
 22.  toblass  Art: Crescendo (NC-17)  toblass 
 23.  lenaa1987  Fic: Saturdays with Rosie (NC-17)  banglabou 
 24.  ms_anthrop  Fic: Daydreams in the Closet (NC-17)  adelaidearcher 
 25.  gaeilgerua  Fic: Masques and Afternoon Tea (PG)  themightyflynn 
 26.  willibald  Fic: The Prince's Bride (PG)  willibald 
 27.  too_dle_oo  Fic: Mother Knows Best (PG-13)  ms_anthrop 
 28.  iqeret  Fic: Words & Wool (PG-13)  dragoon811 
 29.  hikorichan  Art: Pygmy Puffs (G)  too_dle_oo 
 30.  mundungus42  Fic: In the Shadow of Chipping Clodbury (PG-13)  Anonymous 
 31.  jadeandjuniper  Art: Kitten Play (NC-17)  hikorichan 

Here's to a lovely run of the sshg_promptfest! *toasts*

All best,

iulia_linnea/Iuls (rhymes with "ghouls," and that's an uppercase, silent "i" there at the beginning!)
Tags: *mod post, 2016 summer reveal
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